Massage therapy

The Massage services are offered on site in the calmness of this century old house in a designated room to this effect.  A certified massage therapist team that can respond to your relaxation or therapeutic needs.  Quality and personalized cares with therapists attentive to your needs.
Make your relaxation time lasts longer enjoying the À Tout Venant B&B outdoor covered SPA.  Your treatment will be even more efficient with the warmth and jets of the SPA.  Make this visit a memorable one!
A receipt for insurance purpose is available unpon request under the name of the person receiving the treatment, under the amount indicated on the price list and dated of the day that the treatment has been received.

À la carte treatments  





60 minutes



90 Minutes





Facial care and massage

90 minutes


body scrub and warp

60 minutes


Facial care treatment

60 minutes





 *the rate do not include applicable taxes  

**gratuity is left as per your discretion 



A 24 hour time period is required in order to cancel an appointment. Should this delay not be respected, 50% of each treatment will be charged. If an appointment is cancelled or does not take place the day of the appointment, 100% of the treatment will be charged and no receipt for insurance purpose will be given. Should the client be late for any reasons, the treatment will take place within the time reserved.  If the client would like to add any minutes, the additional minutes will be charged according to the rate list.  Should the massage therapist be late, she must give the treatment as reserved and adjust the schedule accordingly. 

 Please take note that when we reserve your therapist, this is a commitment towards her.  A reservation in advanced is appreciated.